Ten things about school that sucks

I’m sitting at school, and we have a break. It’s raining outside, so I’m doing the next best thing… Sitting on my computer doing f**k all.
To kill time, I’m going to make a little ‘ten things about school that sucks’

Here it is

1. When you sit in Math class and learn about stuff you will NEVER use in the future
2. Learn about rocks in Geography
3. When you’re hungry and there is a huge queue in the lunch line
4. Taking the bicycle to school and it starts to rain
5. Finding a huge and hairy spider in the middle of class and then it’s suddenly gone
6.  When your teacher starts a solo speech and there is no internet on your computer
7. Getting busted for sitting on Facebook in class
8. When you finally come to the best part in a song, and you have to close it down because of your teacher
9. When you’re in school from 8 to 4
10. When you get a report back which you think is really great, and get a sucky grade

Ten things that sucks about school

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Feel’s like I’m getting older

Right now, I feel like I’m in my own personal HELL.
I just had this serious knee surgery because I’ve f**ked my knee up, I miss playing basketball and I miss all my friends from my old class 😦
Life sucks in my world right now. My world is grey.

So this is my “f**k-all-and-feel-good” check-list:

1. Lots and lots of music (in my case AC/DC)
2. Sleep ALOT
3. Hour long conversations over the phone with your friends
4. Lots of looooong baths
5. Try to hook up with friends
And if above dosen’t work Simpsons or other cartons aways help to get yourself in a good mood.

The only good thing that is happening right now, is that i have started in ‘Gymnasiet’.. It’s like High School 🙂
I started in this awesome class where 50% of us have Biologi and the rest have Music! It’s the best of both worlds (I’m not thinking Hannah Montana now)
We are totally down-to-earth in my class, so there are no mortal enemies that looks like they drowned in a Bobby Brown foundation.. Succes!

Well, got to get back to my latin class.. Unfortunatly.

Lots of good energy
– Louise

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Post-London baby

I’m back from London, and oh my god it has been AMAZING!!
I know I said that I would update on my shopping binge, but after being out all day I fell asleep immediately..
My mission to buy Chloé inspired clothes failed. But! I got a black leather jacket! 😀

When it comes to the vintage jewelry, ehm, my mom didn’t have patience to wait for my find “the watch”.. 😦 But I got a really awesome necklace with a watch in it 🙂
And we can’t forget my new arsenal of rings 😀 I have counted them to 15 kinda big rings.. fabulous

But I got my shoes! 😀
Some old school boots, lace shoes from Topshop and some black wedges. Awesomeness times 3!

Now it’s time for the music
On my little trip I have bought 7 CD’s, 3 biographies of Anthony Kiedis, Eminem and Rage Against The Machine, and two Jimi Hendrix shirts. Am I happy? … Well, yeah? I’m feeling G-R-E-A-T

Mission accomplished. I’ve become fat. Damn you Starbucks! Why do you have to make such good frappuccinos?
Screw it. It’s okay to be a little chubby 😀

All in all, I LOVE LONDON!
I’m going to live there.

– Louise

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London, fashion, Starbucks

At this time tomorrow I will be sitting in Soho after an exhausting day shopping with my mom (which means spending all her money), enjoying London at it’s best!

Last time my dad was in Paris, he brought home a Vogue Collections that shows the fall/winter fashion for 2011. Yay!
After examining the Vogue magazine, I landed on my favorite designer this fall/winter. Chloé! This fall/winter Chloé is focusing on a masculine attitude, but keeps it’s feminisme by using beautiful beige colours in all shades. It’s absolutly f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c!

So this is my “fashion-plan” for this fall/winter..: I’m going to mix Chloé’s fashion line with a personal touch of rock ‘n roll, and retro/vintage accessoires (which is very chic this fall/winter)

Purpose of London trip..:
1) Buy retro/vintage accessoires – That means visiting secondhand stalls at Portobello market and vintage stores
2) SHOE SHOPPING!! – really need new shoes
3) Buy tons of music! – lp-records, cd’s and all that jazz
4) Since the only Starbucks in Denmark is in the airport, I have to exploit that there is Starbucks all over in London – I’m going to get fat
5)  Having an awesome time with my mom

I will update on amazing finds and probably bitch over something (hope not!)

– Louise

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London baby

My parents once promised me, that they would pay for a trip to London with all-inclusive. So I’m headed of to London in 4 days with my mom 🙂
That means shopping at Oxford/Bond/Regent Street, We Will Rock You musical, chilling at Soho and Leicester Square and more shopping. Can’t wait!
It has been AGES since I’ve been to London, and because it was a gift, NO MUSEUMS! 😀
My mom is one of those persons who likes to spend a whole day looking at modern art, great.
The only down-part is that I have to figure out what we should do, when and how to get there.. And it’s a problem ’cause I’m very lazy…
During the 4 days that I’m going to spend in London, it is actually good weather.. I’m shocked! Everytime I have been in London, it has been raining. So I’m pleasantly surprised!
There will be updates from fab. London!
– Louise

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Toy Story 3

I know that I’m 16, but if there is ONE movie I really have to see, then it’s Toy Story 3 😀
Because I’m that kind of person who always watches a milliom trailers before a movie and ruin it, I have boy-cutted all Toy Story 3 trailers 🙂
That means: running away when the trailer appears on the tv, closing my eyes when they show the trailer in the cinema and just doing everything possible to NOT watch a trailer 🙂
So the danish movie theaters can expect to see me with my Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Jessy the Yodeling Cowgirl dolls 😀
– Louise

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Basketball, basketball, basketball

So. I found out today that I’m not going to play basketball for the next 10-12 months.. And that kinds of sucks.
But I’m that kind of person who always tries to find  the bright side in the given situation 🙂
Yeah, I’m lying. After spending 2 hours crying on my bed, I desided to actually do something.
And, I snapped out of it and went down to buy NBA Live 10. But because Denmark sucks when it comes to Basketball they only had it for X-box and not PS3. Tough luck.
So I bought NBA 08 (I know it sucks, but it was the only thing they had..) and have spend my whole day playing 😀
I have a life! Wuhuuu.
– Louise

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