Hello world

Hello everyone.
I’m a blog virgin so if it’s bad, then I’m sorry πŸ™‚
Normally I wouldn’t talk about myself on the internet, but that is what blog’s are for.
Well.. status on my life now.
I’m currently living in Denmark. I was born in Singapore, but moved to Denmark at the age of 6. I’m born in 1994 and have birthday in March. So I’m 16.
I’m almost finished with my exams, only one to go! Wuhu!!

I’m playing basketball, but I have a minor problem. I’m only 1,68.. Which makes it a little difficult. But, if I can say myself, I’m kinda awesome. Well I made Denmarks under 16 national team. But I had to quit because of a serious knee injury 😦

But I’m gonna come back, and strong.

I wanted to write xoxo, but Gossip Girl ruined it forever..
So.. I’ll be seeing you all πŸ™‚
– Louise

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2 Responses to Hello world

  1. fireinsidetheigloo says:

    You’re so right. Talk about ruining stuff.
    I personally dig XX, but only because it means ‘kisses’ and Nathan Connolly (Snow Patrol) wrote it on my shoe!

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