LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

So, I’m sitting here in Denmark waiting for game 7 ind the NBA finals.. If anyone should be in doubt, it’s going to be a match up between LA Lakers and Boston Celtics.
And I am rooting for Boston Celtics 🙂
Normally I’m a Cleveland fan, but to my disapointment, Lebron and co. couldn’t do anything against ‘The Big 3’ from Boston.
Since I am totally convinced that Boston is going to win, I have made some stupid bets with a friend of mine.
If Lakers win, I have to supply him with milk for a week (he is a 1,93 tall basketball player, so he drinks alot of milk..)
But if I win, I get to spend a whole day with him. It’s actually kind of cool, because we don’t see eachother alot.. 🙂
Luckily my boyfriend is not the jealous type, and love him for that.. haha

Good luck Boston, from Denmark!!

– Louise

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