London, fashion, Starbucks

At this time tomorrow I will be sitting in Soho after an exhausting day shopping with my mom (which means spending all her money), enjoying London at it’s best!

Last time my dad was in Paris, he brought home a Vogue Collections that shows the fall/winter fashion for 2011. Yay!
After examining the Vogue magazine, I landed on my favorite designer this fall/winter. Chloé! This fall/winter Chloé is focusing on a masculine attitude, but keeps it’s feminisme by using beautiful beige colours in all shades. It’s absolutly f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c!

So this is my “fashion-plan” for this fall/winter..: I’m going to mix Chloé’s fashion line with a personal touch of rock ‘n roll, and retro/vintage accessoires (which is very chic this fall/winter)

Purpose of London trip..:
1) Buy retro/vintage accessoires – That means visiting secondhand stalls at Portobello market and vintage stores
2) SHOE SHOPPING!! – really need new shoes
3) Buy tons of music! – lp-records, cd’s and all that jazz
4) Since the only Starbucks in Denmark is in the airport, I have to exploit that there is Starbucks all over in London – I’m going to get fat
5)  Having an awesome time with my mom

I will update on amazing finds and probably bitch over something (hope not!)

– Louise

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