Post-London baby

I’m back from London, and oh my god it has been AMAZING!!
I know I said that I would update on my shopping binge, but after being out all day I fell asleep immediately..
My mission to buy Chloé inspired clothes failed. But! I got a black leather jacket! 😀

When it comes to the vintage jewelry, ehm, my mom didn’t have patience to wait for my find “the watch”.. 😦 But I got a really awesome necklace with a watch in it 🙂
And we can’t forget my new arsenal of rings 😀 I have counted them to 15 kinda big rings.. fabulous

But I got my shoes! 😀
Some old school boots, lace shoes from Topshop and some black wedges. Awesomeness times 3!

Now it’s time for the music
On my little trip I have bought 7 CD’s, 3 biographies of Anthony Kiedis, Eminem and Rage Against The Machine, and two Jimi Hendrix shirts. Am I happy? … Well, yeah? I’m feeling G-R-E-A-T

Mission accomplished. I’ve become fat. Damn you Starbucks! Why do you have to make such good frappuccinos?
Screw it. It’s okay to be a little chubby 😀

All in all, I LOVE LONDON!
I’m going to live there.

– Louise

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