Feel’s like I’m getting older

Right now, I feel like I’m in my own personal HELL.
I just had this serious knee surgery because I’ve f**ked my knee up, I miss playing basketball and I miss all my friends from my old class 😦
Life sucks in my world right now. My world is grey.

So this is my “f**k-all-and-feel-good” check-list:

1. Lots and lots of music (in my case AC/DC)
2. Sleep ALOT
3. Hour long conversations over the phone with your friends
4. Lots of looooong baths
5. Try to hook up with friends
And if above dosen’t work Simpsons or other cartons aways help to get yourself in a good mood.

The only good thing that is happening right now, is that i have started in ‘Gymnasiet’.. It’s like High School 🙂
I started in this awesome class where 50% of us have Biologi and the rest have Music! It’s the best of both worlds (I’m not thinking Hannah Montana now)
We are totally down-to-earth in my class, so there are no mortal enemies that looks like they drowned in a Bobby Brown foundation.. Succes!

Well, got to get back to my latin class.. Unfortunatly.

Lots of good energy
– Louise

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