Ten things about school that sucks

I’m sitting at school, and we have a break. It’s raining outside, so I’m doing the next best thing… Sitting on my computer doing f**k all.
To kill time, I’m going to make a little ‘ten things about school that sucks’

Here it is

1. When you sit in Math class and learn about stuff you will NEVER use in the future
2. Learn about rocks in Geography
3. When you’re hungry and there is a huge queue in the lunch line
4. Taking the bicycle to school and it starts to rain
5. Finding a huge and hairy spider in the middle of class and then it’s suddenly gone
6.  When your teacher starts a solo speech and there is no internet on your computer
7. Getting busted for sitting on Facebook in class
8. When you finally come to the best part in a song, and you have to close it down because of your teacher
9. When you’re in school from 8 to 4
10. When you get a report back which you think is really great, and get a sucky grade

Ten things that sucks about school

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