Nirvana poll

Succes! I have finally found out how to make a poll!!
So I wanted to make a little test on Nirvana 😀

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Mini music festival

My friend and I had this crazy drunken idea that we should make a mini music festival because we’re not going to Roskilde festival in Denmark 😦 So, having a playlist with bands from Led Zeppelin to Muse, and artists  from Eddie Vedder to Bryan Adams.

Led Zeppelin
Only the most awesome old school rock bands ever

It’s a succes! Since it is only the two of us, we are having an awesome time. – Louise

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Biography of Kurt Cobain

So, I have just purchased the amazing biography of Kurt Cobain called ‘Heavier than heaven’
Since I bought the Nirvana album ‘Nevermind’ I have had a secret crush on Kurt Cobain.
So reading his biography made me fall even more in love with his troubled, loving and a little deranged personality.
I can without hesitation recommend this book to every Nirvana fan.
At the end of the book, I was crying as a little baby. And since i read the book, Nirvana’s songs make more sense and I can feel the anger and sadness in the songs.
Nirvana is so much more than ‘Teen spirit’. They started a grunge legacy, and it is not defined in one song.
That everything for today.
– Louise

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Lakers won the finals

So. Lakers won the 2010 NBA finals.
It was an amazing game, but it really failed in the end. I don’t know if they deserve winning, mabey, mabey not.
But all in all, it was a great game.
If there is one thing I thought was disrespectful, it was the Lakers fans booing in the end, where they presented Boston as a worthy opponent.
Fail Lakers crowd, fail.

I don’t want to say congratulations to Kobe Bryant, for becoming NBA finals MVP. If there was a person who deserves the title, it is Pau Gasol.
Can’t wait for next season!
– Louise

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LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

So, I’m sitting here in Denmark waiting for game 7 ind the NBA finals.. If anyone should be in doubt, it’s going to be a match up between LA Lakers and Boston Celtics.
And I am rooting for Boston Celtics 🙂
Normally I’m a Cleveland fan, but to my disapointment, Lebron and co. couldn’t do anything against ‘The Big 3’ from Boston.
Since I am totally convinced that Boston is going to win, I have made some stupid bets with a friend of mine.
If Lakers win, I have to supply him with milk for a week (he is a 1,93 tall basketball player, so he drinks alot of milk..)
But if I win, I get to spend a whole day with him. It’s actually kind of cool, because we don’t see eachother alot.. 🙂
Luckily my boyfriend is not the jealous type, and love him for that.. haha

Good luck Boston, from Denmark!!

– Louise

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Hello world

Hello everyone.
I’m a blog virgin so if it’s bad, then I’m sorry 🙂
Normally I wouldn’t talk about myself on the internet, but that is what blog’s are for.
Well.. status on my life now.
I’m currently living in Denmark. I was born in Singapore, but moved to Denmark at the age of 6. I’m born in 1994 and have birthday in March. So I’m 16.
I’m almost finished with my exams, only one to go! Wuhu!!

I’m playing basketball, but I have a minor problem. I’m only 1,68.. Which makes it a little difficult. But, if I can say myself, I’m kinda awesome. Well I made Denmarks under 16 national team. But I had to quit because of a serious knee injury 😦

But I’m gonna come back, and strong.

I wanted to write xoxo, but Gossip Girl ruined it forever..
So.. I’ll be seeing you all 🙂
– Louise

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